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 . .will turn out to be different from what they expected. Plot The movie starts with a chilling conversation between Venkatadri, a bodyguard and Murali, the nurse, in which Murali talks about how Varadarajulu Naidu's death was a "relatively easy job" but it will not be an easy one. Venkatadri is a villager from Thirupathi, where the Naidus live. He knows Murali from the past, when Venkatadri used to visit him to administer medications. The reason behind this conversation is that Venkatadri, on learning that the Naidus were in town, starts fearing what may happen to them. A week passes, and Murali reveals to Venkatadri that he had been beaten by Kailashamohan, the Naidus' son, and was admitted to hospital. Murali goes to the Naidus' house with Venkatadri, but nobody opens the door and Venkatadri hears a gunshot from inside. Murali informs that Varadarajula Naidu is dead. The Naidus have left for Singapore. Venkatadri informs the police and gets into the Naidus' car. Chacko, a criminal lawyer comes to investigate the case. He reveals to Venkatadri that it was on Varadarajulu Naidu's orders that Murali was attacked. In fact, the Naidus killed him. Venkatadri is shocked to hear this. But he decides not to reveal the truth to the police. Venkatadri starts to visit Murali and becomes more and more upset, as he finds out how vulnerable Murali was. Chacko tells Venkatadri that the police have asked him to investigate the case. Venkatadri objects to this as it would implicate Murali and leave the Naidus vulnerable. Chacko presses him to continue his work. But Venkatadri refuses, saying that he is not interested in the money. Chacko tells him that the Naidus are not interested in money, but in dignity. He reveals that they want Venkatadri to hunt down the Naidus. Chacko reveals that Varadarajulu Naidu was an amateur golfer, and had won awards in several tournaments. Venkatadri



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HD Online Player (download Bodyguard Full Movie In Hd) annjawu
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