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Learning Innovation Facilitator

The way students learn and grow is changing rapidly due to the evolution of their environment.  To effectively apply our talents of teaching and guiding students, we need to understand these changes and modify our own approaches.  Below you will find some of the areas of interest which are part of our growing toolkit.

Nate Waite


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Personalized Learning Structures and Development

Learning and teaching needs to adapt to the new situations that surround and face our students.  I enjoy discussing and planning around topics related to this adjustment in the way we need to approach our work.  Some of these topics include:

  • Blended Learning

  • Competency Based Education

  • ​Project Based Learning

  • Creative Learning Environments


Learner Agency to Create an Innovative Environment

The right dispositions and attitudes contribute greatly to the success or the challenges associated with an innovative learning environment.  I enjoy collaboration and preparation surrounding the following:

  • Student Attributes and Skills 

  • Staff Dispositions and Preparation

Educational Technology for Innovative Learning

Using technology in effective ways to magnify student talents with the following:

  • ​Google Certifications and Skills

  • Digital Learning Platforms and Resources

  • ​Effective Teaching with Technology

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