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Meet the Team


Ben Dickson


Ben has over 20 years of education experience in Nevada. 


Kristin Campbell

K-12 Professional Learning Facilitator

Kristin shares her passion for teaching and learning with educators through dynamic learning opportunities. She enjoys all things teacher leadership, her family, and book clubs.


Kylie Maddy

7-12 Disciplinary Literacy Facilitator

Kylie's enthusiasm for disciplinary literacy in Social Studies is a strength shared with educators in all of her trainings. Kylie is a true nerd for her subject and when she's not reading the newest works in history, she is spending time with her husband and chasing a toddler.


Lauren Cimino

7-12 CTE Coordinator, Carson City

Bio to come.

Get in Touch

Rachel Croft

K-8 Literacy / Carson City Lead

Rachel joined NWRPDP in the 2022-2023 school year.


Catherine Pozarski-Connolly

Pre-K-12 Science Facilitator

Catherine has extensive science knowledge that is shared through fun hands-on learning opportunities. She is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys time with her husband and son.


Carly Strauss

K-6 Math Facilitator, Douglas County

Carly has a deep passion for learning and mathematics, which is often displayed in her support of teachers and through professional learning. She is a skilled silversmith, avid rock hounder, and creates beautiful silver jewelry.


Carrie Hair

7-12 Math / Computer Science

Carrie joined NWRPDP in the 2022-2023 school year.


K-6 Literacy Facilitator

Diana has extensive knowledge of English Language Development and effective literacy instructional models that have been implemented successfully throughout northern Nevada. Diana enjoys spending her time supporting and cheering on her kids in their sporting activities.


Jaime Whisler

K-6 Disciplinary Literacy Facilitator

Jaime is dedicated educator who shares her love of education with teachers through many different projects. She enjoys family time and outdoor adventures.


Amy Prosser

Early Literacy Professional Learning Facilitator

Amy loves all things literacy and happily shares her passion with educators. She cherishes family time and enjoys a good joke.


Christin O'Keefe

K-8 Math Facilitator

Christin enjoys sharing her love of mathematics and innovative teaching strategies with educators. 


Desiree Gray

K-12 Literacy Facilitator

Desiree's love of learning is deeply rooted in language arts, which is transmitted to educators in her engaging and enlightening courses. Supporting her son's heavy metal band is one of her favorite activities.


Jennifer Gehant

Churchill County Professional Learning Facilitator 

Bio To come.


Samuel Schuler

Administrative Secretary

Sam has a variety of skills to share with the department. He grew up in Douglas, lives in Carson, and works in Washoe.


Jama Sutfin

Administrative Assistant
and Bookkeeper

Jama is one of our veteran team members. She brings years of experience and skills to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed.

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