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National Boards Certification

and the Northern Nevada NBCT Cohort

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cost?

There is $75 nonrefundable and nontransferable registration fee that must be paid during each assessment cycle before you can select a component plus a $475 fee for the initial attempt of each of the four required components (

What is the time commitment?

This experience is different for every professional, so it is hard to say the exact amount of hours each component takes. With that being said, candidates will definitely have to spend time after work and on weekends writing papers, reviewing recordings, collaborating, etc.

What are some important dates and timelines?

Registration for each assessment cycle typically begins in April each year and ends in February of the following year. This April-February window includes registration and component purchase deadlines. Component 1 testing and submission of Components 2-4 takes place in the Spring (May), after the registration window has ended. Scoring occurs in the summer, with scores being released no later than December (

What is a brief summary of the process?

Candidates have up to three years to complete all four components. Each component has a different area of focus: C1 is a test in your content area; C2 focuses upon differentiation; C3 focuses upon instruction (videos); and C4 focuses upon learning communities, assessment, student needs, and professional development. You can do all four in one year, or spread them out over the course of three years.

What is the Northern Nevada NBCT Cohort?

The cohort was designed to guide NBCT candidates through the process. There are monthly meetings where candidate support providers (CSPs) thoroughly explain each of the different components to help candidates navigate through an abundance of information. CSPs also review video recordings and all written work to help support candidates. The CSPs never approve anything, but instead ask probing questions about candidates work to further support them. 
*Joining the cohort DOES NOT mean you will automatically certify, but the support is advantageous. 

Benefits of Becoming a National Board Certified Teacher

 * The process will help you strengthen your practice in the following areas: collaboration, instructional planning and strategies, assessment practices, building relationships with students, etc.  
* National Board Certified Teachers receive an 8% raise in Nevada. 

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